The Professional School of Dance "Almudena Lobón" was founded twenty years ago in Pamplona

Its history includes many national and international professional successes, which stand as proof of its recognition throughout the world. The main subject in the school is, of course, Classical Dancing, the focus of Almudena Lobón’s education.

Almudena Lobón

Nonetheless, the centre offers a diverse selection of other subjects in order to better meet the needs of the public.

Some of the characteristics of the Professional School of Dance “Almudena Lobón” include: four hundred square metres of studio space, highly qualified teachers, a wide timetable (from 9.30 until 22.30) and stages and short courses with guest dancers and choreographers that run throughout the whole year.

The Professional School of Dance “Almudena Lobón” is a learning centre where, regardless of sex, religion or race, anyone wishing to learn dancing or to study dancing, is welcome.

Hall de la Escuela
The hall of the School: the Principal’s office and entry to the rooms

Hall de la Escuela
Sight of a corner of the hall